About The Artist

Jun Blanco is a San Diego based artist and co-owner of 29bydesign who has been creating art in one medium or another since he was a child.  He loves experimenting with different textures and mediums to bring his art to life.  His pieces are mostly inspired by his travels and the strong female influences he has been surrounded with, both growing up and in his adult life.  Most of his creations are either acrylic on canvas or in some cases his very unique Mixed Media style of mosaic which is a blend of cement, plaster, and acrylic that has a feel unlike most mainstream art.  When it permits, he enjoys incorporating recyclable materials into these mosaic works.

Jun and his wife Erin, who work together at their company 29bydesign  have always felt that beautiful art shouldn't be out of reach because of price and create art pieces that a wide variety of budgets can afford.  Most of the pieces on this site are available in a variety of mediums and sizes but if you require something that is not listed, please feel free to reach out to us as we can usually fill most requests.


Please feel free to reach out to us at 925-997-5615